Making Token Sales Great Again: Introducing the CareX Blockchain Platform Wallet

Making Token Sales Great Again: Introducing the CareX Blockchain Platform Wallet

The CareX tokes sale sets the bar higher for token sales, because investing in CareX means you are joining our live platform!

To make token sales better, we built our own process.

We believe that investing should be an easy experience that inspires confidence. That’s why we implemented a new safe wallet as part of the CareX Blockchain Platform.

What this means is you can sign up for our service, start shopping for healthcare providers, and invest all at the same time!

We dodged a lot of the frustrating aspects about investing in a token sale in the process.

How we made your token purchasing process better.

We were inspired to improve the typical investor’s user experience.

Crypto investors usually sign up to receive information and begin researching the project. Some participate in a presale. In exchange for a guaranteed slot, they must pay up to two weeks in advance. This makes buyers anxious as they watch the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum move prior to the sale date.

Many teams reconcile purchases manually, and processing them can take weeks. A tired admin worker is one “fat-finger” moment away from losing your Bitcoin or Ethereum forever.

Not to mention it is terribly unprofessional. Why risk your hard-earned money?

On the CareX Blockchain Platform you will never have to worry about this.

Just sign up for a wallet and see how it works.

Create an account, attached to a secure email address with a strong password.

sign up at

Then enter the CareX Blockchain Platform

Purchase at any time using cryptocurrency or US Dollars from any credit/debit card.

Smart Secure Management Backend

We have replaced manual spreadsheets with a backend that tracks each transaction. This reduces the risk of errors and the time necessary to process payments and refunds. Tokens appear in your wallet or are sent to an ERC20 compliant address of your choice.

Compliance Tools

We are using this wallet app to collect data and create a proof of the purchase process. This is part of our effort to run the CareX Blockchain Platform Token Sale in full compliance with regulations.

Lengthy presales no longer required

These advances eliminate the need for lengthy presale periods. This will please many who have expressed concern about locking up coins for two weeks, especially given the recent market volatility.

The CareX Token sale is live! You can purchase immediately.

The Future of Healthcare

The CareX Blockchain Platform is much more than just a passive investment you walk away from. Upload your health data, shop for healthcare providers throughout the US (global providers will be available soon) and interact with the Doc Bot, who we are actively making more and more intelligent to be able to help ease your interaction with the platform, the healthcare marketplace, and eventually as a way to get a preliminary diagnosis of your ailments — we are putting your investment to good use!