Houston Business Journal covers CareX

Houston Business Journal covers CareX

Excerpted article:

Houston co. completes stem cell-for-cryptocurrency exchange

Pinto Walia, 53, was the patient involved in the transaction. Walia has double-hit lymphoma, an aggressive and rare form of cancer, and often pays for his treatments through cash without insurance. Walia volunteered to be the first person to use CareX’s technology to pay for his service as he’s a consultant with CareX.

Paying for the treatment lasted a few seconds. Using an app, Walia moved his Care tokens from his digital wallet to the clinic. The exchange rate is about one Care token for $10.

The service is normally about $7,000, but Dr. Naz Keshwani said he’s offering it for 450 Care tokens. He hopes the discount will increase business for his clinic, which also offers other services such as facials, skin tightening and hormone treatments.

Keshwani agreed to use CareX for the exchange after he was approached by Walia. He said he’s treating cryptocurrency like any other form of payment, but he usually accepts cash for his various procedures.

Another reason he was open to doing it was the transaction didn’t involve insurance companies, which might complicate the process.

“It’s exciting,” Keshwani said. “I feel like I’m on the forefront.” …

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