Global Expansion plan

Global Expansion plan

The CareX Blockchain Platform has begun signing up providers in the United States, but our plans do not end there.

Indeed, we see a major opportunity for CARE tokens to help facilitate medical tourism. Instead of carrying large amounts of cash or engaging in expensive wire transfers, patients and providers can make a simple CARE token transaction.

Use Case (from our white paper):

A resident in Dubai who is coming to Houston in the United States for orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation may need to carry more than the $10,000 cash allowed into the country on a tourist visit. Instead of bringing relatives or engaging in a costly bank transfer, he can invest in CareX and use his tokens to pay for the procedure upon arrival.

This kind of service is invaluable to the person in need. At the same time, it helps providers gain valuable business on a global scale.

We plan on first providing patients from around the world the opportunity to visit providers and specialists based in the United States, a well known destination for medical tourism. We will then rapidly expand into other destinations, such as Mexico, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Japan.