CareX Twitter Campaign Bounty Application

CareX Twitter Campaign Bounty Application

Follow a lot of people on Twitter? Do you like to keep up with the President and his latest update? You might be interested in this bounty. Retweet our tweets to your followers. It’s really that simple. CARE tokens for tweets. We don’t send birds on the blockchain though.


Rewards will be paid weekly according to the following structure : 1 point per eligible tweet.

The payout pool will be 40 CARE tokens per week allocated based on a simple formula of :

(your points)/(total points)*40 CARE tokens.


There are a limited number of participants allowed for this bounty, the quicker you apply the better your chances. To earn points in this campaign, you must re-tweet the Official CareX tweets within 3 days of being tweeted. If a tweet is deleted at anytime during the campaign, a point will be removed. To be eligible for this campaign you must have more than 65 followers that are not bot accounts, fake accounts, or celebrities.


To submit your application for the CareX Twitter Campaign, please fill out the form below.

If you are unable to submit from this form, please follow this link to submit your form from a new window.


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