Bounties Disclaimer


Please be sure to sign up for the CareX wallet and use the same email address to complete any bounties.

In the event that an external wallet is used instead and/or the wallet does not support ERC20 tokens and the tokens are consequently lost or not received, CareX will not be re-sending or re-issuing any tokens and thus are likely remain lost.

We understand the importance of holding your own private keys. Wallet downloads will be available soon. Mobile wallets are available now on the Google Play and Apple stores.


Active Bounty Programs


CareX BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign

CareX Facebook Bounty Campaign

CareX Medium Bounty Campaign

CareX Twitter Bounty Campaign

CareX Healthcare Premiums BountyCareX


Please be sure to check back for any new bounty programs we may add in the future, we will be updating this page as new bounties become available and old bounties expire or are no longer running. We always value feedback on our bounty programs as well. If you would like to give us feedback on any of our bounty programs, or maybe a bounty program you like to participate in please contact us.

If you have any questions regarding the bounty program, feel free to ask in our Telegram group.