BitcoinTalk Signature Bounty Campaign

BitcoinTalk Signature Bounty Campaign

Are you active on the BitcoinTalk forum? Well, apply for this bounty and make yourself some CARE tokens! All you have to do is edit your signature with the code we provide and post away, and we will reward you per post up to 50 posts a week. Use our avatar and get bonus points for each week you use it.


Rewards will be paid weekly according to the following structure.

Hero/Legendary member : 4 points

Senior Member : 3 points

Member : 2 points

Junior Member : 1 point

Avatar Bonus : 25 points

The payout pool will be 25 CARE tokens per week allocated based on a simple formula of :

(your points)/(total points)*50 CARE tokens.


There are a limited number of participants allowed for this bounty, the quicker you apply the better your chances.┬ To earn points in this campaign, you must post over 70 characters in sections that do NOT include any boards listed in Other. Up to 5 posts in local boards will be counted. Posts that are negative, insulting, off-topic, non-constructive, or spammy will not count and too many of these kinds of posts will result in your removal from further participation in the campaign and forfeit any other rewards. Having or gaining any negative trust will immediately disqualify you from the campaign, and any forfeiture or any other rewards.


To submit your application for the BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign, please fill out the form below.

If you are unable to submit from this form, please follow this link to submit your form from a new window.


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